“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” - Lewis Carroll

I remember taking my first photo when I was 14 years old on a 110 camera, I thought it was so cool and the closest thing to James Bond a financially challenged teen could possible have. You took only one photo as seldom as possible as even then it was a very expensive hobby, plus you had to wait a whole week while the chemist sent your photos out to a lab.

I been through many models and formats since then from Yashica's, Canon, Nikon, Poloroid, Kodak, from 110 to instant to APS to 35mm and back to APS digital. I've stayed with the Pentax brand mostly after falling in love with the colour rendering and sharpness of the lenses couple with an attractive smoothness in the OOF (out of focus)areas AKA bokeh.

However, as Pentax has thus far not released a full frame camera I have now moved on to Canon and am quite stunned with the quality that the Canon 5D produces and would be now hard pressed to go back to Pentax for work purposes. I still love using the smaller bodies Pentax, but when the client deserves the best that is available I have to shoot whats best

Over the last 23 years I've learnt a bit about photography through a series of training, constant practice and lots of real world experience on works and what doesn't. Lately the entry requirements of getting in photography has become lower and lower every year, while this is good as it brings fresh talent into the field every year it unfortunately has lowered the overall quality of what is available out there. There's a lot more involved in producing a professional photograph than merely pointing the camera and knowing which button to press. Add to that the post processing skills required to finish an image ready for print or uploading to your site it would be in your best interests to trust your photography to Angelart.

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