Web Site Design Process

There a four major components to developing a website. Consultation (initial brief, meetings), Creative (research and development), Production (artwork) and delivery we've broken it down to 9 steps to make it easier for you.


The quality of the designs Angelart creates for you is directly related to the quality of the brief we receive from you. Please don't assume that we know anything about your particular industry. Click here to fill in our online brief.

Step 1

We will quote you on receipt of a completed brief and commence work on receipt of a 50% deposit. If needed we will either email, phone or meet with you if possible to clarify any details.Please note that we do not work on spec or enter design "competitions"

Step 2

Domain Name & Hosting. If you currently have a domain name and/or hosting we would need the details of your hosting company in order to see if it the package you have would meet your current and future needs. If you haven't yet registered a domain and/or signed up for hosting we can do it for you or we highly recommend Amplehosting.


Step 3

We will research your closest competition for your choosen keywords and how it relates to your particular campaign. Neither Angelart or any reputable web designer or SEO company can guarantee the top spot on any search engine. We will however work with you to develop a sensible plan to create an effective web presence. An important part of your branding is your logo, if you do not have one we can create a logo for you. Do you really need a Logo?

Step 4

A wireframe of the agreed layout is presented for approval. Any stock photos needed are choosen and downloded. Please note we do not under any circumstances lift images from other sites or google images. All images provided would need to be royalty free.

Step 5

The content provided by yourselves to reviewed for grammar, spelling, keyword analysis and other SEO factors.


Step 6

A semi-functional template is uploaded to your server for approval. Any packshots taken by Angelart is submitted for approval.

Step 7

The remainder of the payment is now due. The approved template is now populated with the content and images and uploaded live for your approval.

Step 8

The site is re-tested for functionality. Sitemaps are submitted to the major search engines and directories for indexing.

Step 9

In order to further promote your site we can help you develop print and electronic advertising. Please click here for more of our services

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