Web Site Brief

In order for us to deliver the best possible service in the least amount of time please fill in the design brief as complete as possible.

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Contact Details
Corporate Profile

Please provide a details description of your company. Tell us what your core business is, industry sector, how long have you been in business, how many employees do you have etc. Your vision and mission statement.

Corporate Identity

Does your company currently have a Logo? Do you have a corporate identity manual? Please upload your logo and manual here.

Competitor Analysis

Who is your closest competition. A link to their website would be great.


What benefits do you wish to derive from this exercise. Is this a makeover of a current site or are we creating a brand new site?

Target Market

Demographics - the age, gender, LSM, area, lifestyle etc of your target market.


Describe your company's culture or personality. (Traditional, fun, formal, creative, conservative)

Look and Feel

What look and feel would you like your website to portray?


Do you have any products you need pack shots of? Can we quote you on product photography

What colour scheme would you site to have? Colour Chart

Are there any websites whose layout appeals to you? (It does not have to be from your industry)


Is the content for your site prepared?

What keywords would a client use to search for your site?

What additional functionality would you need? (flash, shopping cart, database etc)

Domain & Hosting

Have you registered a domain? What is it?

Who hosts/parks your domain currently?

If you haven't yet registered a domain and/or signed up for hosting we can do it for you or we highly recommend Amplehosting.

Would you require ongoing site updates and maintenance?

Additional Information

Is there any additional information?

Do you have a timeframe when the site has to go live?